07 December 2016

Book Review: Career Crossover From Where You Are To Where You Should Be by Venchito Tampon Jr.

One morning I received an email from Venchito asking if I can do a review of his upcoming book. After exchanging emails and checking his background through the links attached I said yes. He then sent me a digital copy of the manuscript of the book.

27 November 2016

Snaps from Sierra Madre Hotel and Resort

Even in our way to Tanay, Rizal I felt that something would capture my heart. I ignored the car sickness because there were mountains, trees, goats, horses, mountaineers, bikers, and flowers to see.

22 November 2016


To All,

I am writing to ask for something which I think, would be difficult to comply especially  if you are  a compulsive hoarder. May this letter be a part of your process of letting go. Let go of the things that might be useful to others. Little by little separate the things you wish to keep longer. I know that you hold on to some trinkets because you want to keep the memory alongside. I respect your reasons but I need you to hear me.

13 November 2016

The Best of Blogapalooza Horizons 2.0: Chartering The Unchartered

November 5, 2016, was a milestone for me and the whole Blogapalooza family. Bloggers from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao were represented in which #UnitePH. It was held at the Versailles Garden of Novotel.

05 November 2016

To The Virgins While You Are Young!


You consider yourself as a virgin. An inexperienced young individual eager to try out the hype. You might think that jumping  from the plane  secured with safety gears and a parachute is something. HECK! It is something. If you are brave and have secured your life insurance, by all means, do it. If you want to sleep in the middle of the forest with your friends go on and schedule that trip. If you find yourself unsatisfied with what you have done, bless your heart I am not stopping you. But you have to take time.

04 September 2016

What Are Your Struggles?

What are your struggles?

This is the opening question of our leader in the SFC community when he gave a talk. Usually, he would start with anecdotes relating to his talk.  It was different yet an eye opener for me, and for everyone who is struggling in their own personal lives.

14 August 2016

At 25 Everyone Is Taken

Dear Senior High School Jhecel

Nine years from now you will realize that everyone is taken.

31 July 2016

The Sunday Currently: Vol. 9

I know. I know I've been MIA for a long time. There are so many things happening, stories to share, and of course I’ve been adding articles for the blog line up. I just can’t write them in one sitting. I’ve been busy with work to be exact. I’ve been itching to talk to you guys. I miss blogging as you all know it keeps me sane. That’s why even though I am running late for an appointment I could that let this chance to blog pass. Hopefully, I’ll be back blogging for good.

06 June 2016

My First Blogapalooza Experience

Last May 21, 2016, I attended Blogapalooza held at Prosperity Hall, Elements Centris. Its theme was chartering the unchartered.  It was overwhelming! That is why I opted to learn through the talks of different speakers.

Here are the highlights in letters. (BLOGAPALOOZA)

05 June 2016

The Sunday Currently: Vol. 8

Summer is over! There are stories needed to be written like my first Blogapalooza experience, and moments in the last days of May. There is so much to tell but on second thought I will spare you my adversity. Let us start with the Sunday currently:

09 May 2016

25 Life Lessons at 25

To celebrate my birthday I listed 25 life lessons that I’ve learned through the years. These were impromptu since I am just taking a break from the power point presentation that I am doing for Cornerstone.

07 May 2016

Cristina Villas Triggered Old Memories

Last April we celebrated birthdays. It was fun considering that we are unsupervised by the “adults”. It was an overnight swimming at Cristina Villas a mountain resort and hotel located at Taktak Road, Antipolo City.

Oddly enough, the place triggers old memories. Back to the day when I thought I am in love with someone. 

26 April 2016



I have been reading fiction even before I knew what fiction is. My grandfather was patient with me during those years when I do not know what words would mean. Even though it was the same story I never complained.

09 April 2016

An Open Letter to Next President of the Philippines


The five of you divided the whole nation. Even in our house, we share our opinions with our choice of the next president of the Philippines. We have not spoken about it, but I like to believe that we agree to disagree. We see every good intention of each of you but there are flaws in your promises that we cannot ignore. I am sure that most of the Filipinos would agree with me here.

30 March 2016

8 Firsts In San Juan, Batangas

At last, the trip that had been planned since last year went through.  At exactly 1:30 pm on a Holy Thursday we were on our way to San Juan, Batangas to visit my Ninong and of course, to enjoy the beach. Seated on our rented van I was concentrating because I was fighting my car sickness. In which I did not do good. I am used to it – throwing up; I had my first since I was a kid. This does not stop me from enjoying the trip, in fact, had experienced many firsts.

01 March 2016

Chasing Sunrise

Chasing Sunrise

Sunrise for me symbolizes hope and a new beginning. It rejuvenates my soul. When its rays burst through the clouds, then to the trees, and unto my skin somehow I knew I am alive. I am alive along with my dreams, aspirations, and beauty. I can feel the heat. I’d sweat yes but still like all other goodness Mother Nature has I am in awe of its effect. Not only that, if we are looking, creatively above the high lands of a city minus the electric wires and messy roof we can witness something special unfolding.

24 February 2016

Blackout Poetry Vol. 1


I found out about blackout poetry when I was searching for ways how to overcome writer’s block.  True enough, it eases the struggle but in the beginning, it was not easy. All the words that I read in a book are screaming to me, “Choose me! Choose me!”  Finally, I was able to comprehend Attractive Annie and Life.

19 February 2016

Never Have I Ever


Somebody told me that one should not despair on the things that I cannot do rather one should focus on enhancing what he is capable of doing. Do you agree? But sometimes we have to tell our “never have I ever” lists.  Who knows there might be people who are willing to help?

17 February 2016

A Love Letter To The Queen of Isolation


My queen, now that you have decided not to be alone anymore; hold on to yourself. You have to believe that everything will be okay. If you are terrified and not sure of what will become, remember that you have me.

15 February 2016

Quotes: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button


"You never know what's coming for you."

09 February 2016

The Happy List // 4


Last year I have noticed that I have been publishing melancholy letters and thoughts in my blog and on my social media accounts. I have found out that it was not healthy. To remedy everything, The Happy List series is back!

1.      I’ve noticed that I am less pessimistic these days.
2.      My father started his new job or shall I say project today.
3.      The weather is breezy.
4.      My cousin’s daughter was baptized last Sunday.
5.      Flowers and fog.
6.      Blog post ideas are instantly coming.
7.      Smooth flowing Cornerstone sessions.
8.      Discovering awesome blogs to read and follow.
9.      I am alive and healthy.
10.  Walking in Divisoria (a flea market here in PH) with no hustle at all.
11.  Pink dolls.
12.  I’ve restored my ebook.
13.  Catching up with the new episodes of The Vampire Diaries and Supergirl.

How about you? What makes you happy these days?

08 February 2016

Hey Pessimist!

Hey Pessimist, you have to stop!

Today you woke up. Isn’t it a miracle? Your heart did not stop beating even for a second. The earth continues to rotate on its axis, and the sun is setting in the other side. Somewhere in someone’s wild garden a Morning Glory is starting to bloom even if it is partly cloudy.

14 January 2016

Anna: A Prayer Warrior

In this life all we need is  pray whenever in bad times or in good times. That's what Anna the prayer warrior believes in. You got to have one person like her in your life. I meet her during college. She is always positive, and always gives affirmation in everything that I’d do especially in times of trouble and distress.

Without further a due, everyone, meet Anna!

09 January 2016


 Just so you can call me productive here are photos of the sky and the sun with a sad fog. They were taken after I have attended “Simbang Gabi.”

07 January 2016

Book Cover Reveal: Out of Focus

I have established that I am in no doubt a book lover when I was in high school. The library is my favorite place during those four years. I have read different genre of books from fiction to non – fiction. I often wondered how authors conceptualize everything from the story itself to its cover. It must be hard!

Now that I have a chance to help, I’ve signed up with InkSlinger PR to help authors spread the word about their work. For today, we are revealing the book cover of “Out of Focus” by L.B. Simmons.

06 January 2016

BOOK REVIEW: How To Find Your One True Love by Bo Sanchez


I borrowed this book from Rhia who is also a member of SFC and a volunteer in Cornerstone. Sis, thank you for letting me read this.

02 January 2016

A Prayer for 2016

There had been discussions over social media and among my group of friends about posting a prayer online. Some think that it is not necessary because praying should be done in private and should not be publicized. They argued that it should be our personal connection with God. Personally, I agree with their reasons but it keeps me thinking that it is okay. There might be someone who will be evangelized or be reminded that there is power in prayer especially if you have prayer partners.
Maira Gall