30 March 2016

8 Firsts In San Juan, Batangas

At last, the trip that had been planned since last year went through.  At exactly 1:30 pm on a Holy Thursday we were on our way to San Juan, Batangas to visit my Ninong and of course, to enjoy the beach. Seated on our rented van I was concentrating because I was fighting my car sickness. In which I did not do good. I am used to it – throwing up; I had my first since I was a kid. This does not stop me from enjoying the trip, in fact, had experienced many firsts.

01 March 2016

Chasing Sunrise

Chasing Sunrise

Sunrise for me symbolizes hope and a new beginning. It rejuvenates my soul. When its rays burst through the clouds, then to the trees, and unto my skin somehow I knew I am alive. I am alive along with my dreams, aspirations, and beauty. I can feel the heat. I’d sweat yes but still like all other goodness Mother Nature has I am in awe of its effect. Not only that, if we are looking, creatively above the high lands of a city minus the electric wires and messy roof we can witness something special unfolding.
Maira Gall