10 May 2017

The Happy List // 5

It is almost 5 am.  I woke up sweaty because of the heat. It is really summer. While some are enjoying their vacation. I am eating for breakfast to leave for work. I feel bad not being around often. So I figured I do a quick happy list. 

1. Work location.
2.  Conversations.
3. Getting involved in a prenup photo shoot. It's the thing I want to do!  My former household head in SFC is getting married. The schedule has been reset due to bad weather. Last Saturday it finally happened.
4. Short stories. I finally finished the short story that I have been writing for a month. You may read it here.
5. Korean Drama and The Return of Superman
6.100 Likes. The official Facebook page of this blog has reached a milestone. The photo project in the page under #EverydayWithKoshe has been going on.
7. My brother got married.
8. I almost had a date.
9. People at work is easy to work with.
10. Reading blogs.

How about you guys what have you been up to?


  1. For me, blog hopping is one of the most exciting activities. I love reading posts about other people's lives e :) Anyways, what happened with the "almost date"? Chismosa noh! :D

    Wannderzel by Hazel

  2. sobrang init, swimming also, i watched running man korean variety show, and latest dramas.

  3. dami ko na palang di alam sayo.. nagpakasal na yung kapatid mo? bakit almost had a date? sino? ayeeeeeeee

  4. I too have my own happy list. it was something I did before and have revived again. Every Monday I blog about the things or events that made me happy the past week. :) loving your blog!


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