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To categorize, Koshe is a lifestyle and literary blog – a clash of fiction and reality. In lifestyle, you can read about the blogger's recent adventures and life discoveries, travel stories, the new product that she discovers, and her personal views in life. Meanwhile, in literary it focuses on publishing letter, poetry, short story, and book review. 

The Blogger

Jhecel is a proud member of SFC. She has a habit of reading the last chapter of a book then she will proceed from the beginning. She is a photography enthusiast. Jhecel puts food on the table as a Collection Specialist.


                 All contents are owned by the blogger unless otherwise stated. Names, places, and situations you found similar to other works or life events are purely incidental. 

                    Using photos and article on this blog as your own is prohibited. If you want to use them please email the blogger at jhecelogtip@yahoo.com.

                    All reviews being written are all of the blogger's opinion.


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